Things you should know before travelling to Nepal

You are not alone:
Nepal has made it onto the best travel lists in recent years and become quite the hot spot among travelers. Once known as the adventure mecca for only the most extreme outdoor enthusiasts, word is out that Nepal is much more that trekking to the peak of Everest. More families are choosing Nepal as their unique vacation destination than ever and having a great, cultural time in the capital city of Kathmandu or the more adventurous town like Chitwan, Pokhara. There are adventures to be had for every adventure skill level and price point, and people are flocking to experience it. While Nepal is less touristed than other countries, you should be aware that you will definitely see tons of Westerners on your travels there!


Excellent food from all people:
Nepal is in a unique position to be a gathering place for multiple cultures. It rests between China (Tibet), India, and Bhutan with close proximity to Eurasia and Southeast Asia. As such, you’ll find incredible food from each of these regions represented in Nepal. Not only is there amazing curries, rice, and noodle dishes, you’ll even find world-class pizza and other Western favorites!


You must try these Nepali food favorites:
Dahl and Baht: Traditionally served on a large, flat plate with a mound of rice in the center of various lentil curries and pickled vegetables with an Indian cracker so Dahl Baht is so popular foods. Mo:mo is the Nepali term for dumplings. This food from their Chinese neighbor is very popular in Nepal. Mo:mo dumplings are served vegetarian, chicken, egg, or with other various fillings. Chicken Buryani; Spiced rice with chicken and vegetables mixed.


Nepal currency is rupees:
Nepal’s currency is rupees, as is India’s. Their rupees are unique, however, so don’t show up with Indian money! You can easily get Nepalese rupees from ATMs or banks on most street corners or the airport.


Most places want cash:
While we’re on the subject of money, be sure to have plenty of it! We went through so much more cash than we expected to. This isn’t hard to understand as many under-developed countries don’t have the infrastructure to accept credit cards. The fees are quite high, so most places don’t even attempt to take credit. It would be best to arrange to bring a credit card with no foreign transaction fees, as the ATMs in Nepal charge up to $5 per withdrawal!


Nepal has lots of English speakers:
Nepali people are multi-lingual. Most speak more than one native language, and widely learn English, as well. You may be surprised to converse in English with taxi drivers, museum operators, and stall owners. Even if people are not fully fluent in English you should be able to get your point across with commonly understood words fairly easily.

All things considered, Nepal is one of the most English-accessible countries.

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