Equipment Checklist

Glance Himalaya's Team highly recommend to our guests to bring Tour and trekking Cloths/equipments and gear for your adventure trip to Nepal Himalaya. So we are pleased to offer our checklist for your references. Please try to purchase in your hometown, if in case you couldn’t find any of the following listed items in your country or you were besy before your flight to Kathmandu, no worries. You may also buy the necessary equipment in Kathmandu as well. There is many trekking shops in the town of Kathmandu.

You may find as your choice, some are locally and some are imported other country however it will be awesome quality. And try to keep your luggage light as possible for a convenient travel.

Trekking Tour Equipments:
Here are some trekking equipment checklist which you will need for your trekking trip.

Rucksack or Duffel bag (We will provide you for your trek)
Day back pack - (18 to 20 Liter)
Down Jacket - (one best quality with nice feather jacket)
Sleeping bag - (If you have own sleeping bag will great otherwise may get in Kathmandu)

For Head

1) Sunglasses with UV protection

2) Sun hat and scarf

3) Warm fleece hat

For Feet

1) Hiking boots with Good condition, Quality

2) Lightweight inner socks

3) Warm wool hiking socks

4) Sneakers or sandals

For Hands

1) Lightweight gloves

For Lower part

1) Under Garments

2) Lightweight cotton long pants

3) Light and expedition weight thermal bottoms

4) Woolen or fleece pant

5) Windproof (preferably breathable fabric) pants

For Upper part

1) Light weight thermal top

2) T-shirts

3) Fleece jacket

4) Waterproof shell jacket

Other Accessories

1) Trekking (duffel) bag

2) Headlamp with spare bulbs and batterie

3) Small pad

Your basic first aid kits and medicine

Water bottles

1) Large plastic bags for keeping items dry inside trekking bag

2) Toiletries (Small wash towel, Toilet papers, soap)


1) Washing and bath shop

2) Tooth brush/paste

3) Nail cutter

4) Small mirror

5) Wet tissue

6) Toilet paper roll

7) Anti bacterial hand wash