10 Flora and fauna you can find in Nepal

The Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the most famous trekking adventures in the world. It is a grand journey that takes trekkers from the low-lying hills of Nepal to the base camp of the world’s tallest mountain peak. It is of no surprise as such that people from all parts of the globe visit Nepal to undergo this feat. The trek’s popularity is also well-deserving as the adventure presents amazing highlights and features that capture the true essence of Nepal’s Himalayan life and topography. From the rich Sherpa culture to the cerulean shadows of the mighty Everest Himalayas, the Base Camp Trek of Everest is an escapade that you should not miss out on! Here are top 7 reasons why you should do the Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal.

Initiation of the Everest Base Camp Trek- the Exciting Flight to Lukla

The Everest Base Camp Trek is commenced via the flight to Lukla. While this is not the only way to the Khumbu, it is certainly the easiest and shortest route. It is also the most-preferred. The flight to Lukla is like a small adventure in itself. The Lukla airport- also known as the Tenzing-Hillary Airport, is situated atop a cliff and drops off downwards at the end of the runway. As a matter of fact, the airport’s runway is considered one of the shortest runways on the planet. Correspondingly, the short flight to Lukla is sure to stay in the minds of all those who do it, as the flight offers a spectacular view of the unfurling mountains. It presents beautiful sceneries of the change in topography as one leaves the hills and enters into the Himalayan foothills.

The Sagarmatha National Park

The Sagarmatha National Park is one of the highlights of the Everest Base Camp Trek. Trekking trails of the journey goes through the gorgeous Himalayan protected area and offers astounding natural sceneries of its floral and faunal species. The national park is a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site and trekking through its verdant trans-Himalayan woods is a special experience. The winding landscape of the park is home to many endangered species of animals as well, like the Snow-Leopard and the Musk Deer among a myriad of many other creatures. The birch and bamboo forests of the park provide a tranquil nature to trek through, and the beautiful scenery that the park protects is a magnificent journey that adds more worth to the final destination of the base camp.

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