How to Find Right Tour Agency in Nepal

Local Tour Guide and staff

The main importatn features to look out for while choosing a tour operator/ agency in Nepal, is to see if the agency has local guide and staff. So we have our staff and guides from various parts of the country who have been involved in the tourism field since many years. Hiring the local staff helps in the local economy and in growth. Local people also make for the best guides as they are the one who have the most extensive and first-hand knowledge about the places you visit. So our guides are local not only in Nepal, but in other countries that we offer tours like Bhutan and Tibet (China).

Reasonable tour cost

The good tour agency will present reasonable prices that cover a good range of services. So more often than not, cheap prices can result in the dwindling of services and the quality, which can ultimately spoil good vibes and memories of traveling. That is why, researching the price and making sure that you are getting a good deal for what the travel is worth is just as important in terms of the services you will be getting, which in turn can be based on the location and what is available.

The responsible in tourism 

Resoinsible tour operator in Nepal is to see, if they are committed to social cause and help in the uplifting of the local society. So responsible tourism practices and being eco-friendly certainly helps in the perseverance of the cultural and natural treasures of any location of travel. Since the tour operator is one of the major players in the travel field, it is important that they practice ethical procedures and follow responsible social processes while operating their business so as not to have any negative impact through tourism.


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